Wrightsville Beach

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MoorForLess.com is your online marketplace for buying, selling and renting boat slips.

We are all about bringing innovation and passion to the boat slip market. Connecting boat slip owners with potential buyers and renters in a single marketplace is now easier than ever. There's no need to know someone who knows someone or have an "in" at a marina.

This site offers better exposure, a targeted audience, and no brokerage fees. MoorForLess.com is designed to ensure that sellers get the maximum value from their boat slip by saving them 6%-8% on commissions paid to a broker. Even those who have a boat slip deeded to their home can earn passive income by offering short term or long term rentals.

When searching for a boat slip, there are many factors to consider. Will your boat fit? Is the location right? Does it have power? The list goes on and on. We let you choose exactly what you're looking for to make sure that every boat slip listing that is found is a true match for your needs.

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  • No brokerage fees
  • Maximum value from your slip
  • Targeted audiences
  • Better exposure

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